2023 Church goals

Vision Statement:  We are reaching upward to Christ growing in faith and unity...reaching out to all serving in love and compassion. 

As you read through these goals, I want you to open your heart to the Holy Spirit and allow him to direct you into the areas that you can help the body of Christ at Liberty Mills. No one person is responsible for accomplishing all these goals but with prayer, faith, and the Holy Spirit we can accomplish great things for God's Kingdom.

Corporate Goals: 

  • Laugh more, believe more, celebrate more, doubt less, and live like we believe Jesus is coming again, today!
  • Ask God to increase our territory for His Glory.
  • Welcome 100 new unchurched people into the walls of our building.
  • 36 Baptisms in the calendar year.
  • 250 average attendance each week.

Seeking Goals:

  • Witness an uprising of spirituality in our teens that causes us to scramble for space to support them.
  • Elevate our social media to attract and engage more people.
  • Seek a fresh hunger for God's word.
  • Model a way to keep marriages from crisis-mode and move them towards Christ centered marriages.
  • Plan 4 Worship experiences outside of our church and outside of our normal Sunday morning times so that Jesus gets greater Glory!!!
  • Engage more men into the biblical calling that has been mandated to them as the spiritual leaders of their homes.
  • Witness and testify to 10 miracles where the only response is " Only God can do that".

Reaching Goals:

  • Plan a church response for educating our children in response to a changing and confused world.
  • Develop and train 4 future pastors with the tools necessary to serve in ministry.
  • Explore a new fresh church plant by linking arms with a local front-line ministry.