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Camp Mack is a summer retreat for children of all ages. You can register your child's camp online. Please check out this site or contact Jennifer Day or Janet Shoue for more info.


What is Brethren Way of Christ?

It is a three day school, which takes a New Testament look at Christianity as a lifestyle. Brethren Way of Christ is a highly structured  weekend designed to strengthen and renew the faith of Christian people and through them, their families, Churches, and the environment in which they live and work. It is a united effort of Laity and Clergy to aid congregations in developing Christian leaders who will renew the Church.


Men #61 -- March 9 - 12

Women #61-- March 16 - 19

Faith Quest #61 -- <arch 24-26 -- ( Youth must be 16-20 years of age by weekend)


Men #62 -- October 19 - 22

Women #62 -- October 26 - 29

Faith Quest #62 -- November 3 - 5-- (Youth must be 16-20 years of age by weekend) 

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"Spreading the message to reach the unreached people and training them for the work of ministry and molding them for the Kingdom"

Agape Royal Ministries was established in 1993 to reach people in Asia through preaching the gospel, planting churches and engaging in compassion ministries.

India is the second most populous country with over one billion people. The majority of the people remain unevangelized. There are thousands of villages where the people have never heard the Gospel of Christ even once.

OUR GOAL: Double ministry in the next five years.